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The Design Party is a party and a political party. But it’s mostly just a political party unless we win something.
The Design Party, while celebratory of the field’s progress, worries that design rooted in graphics and experience has become so ubiquitous, so influential for post-capitalism that seasoned design technocrats must assist in steering society back into the proper mode of government and economic structure. We acknowledge that all design is socially responsible, for it creates an ideological framework within responsive consumers that is further augmented by a literal, spatial-experiential framework invented by the very same professionals.
The dire error comes with the establishment of oligarchy in global democratic-capitalist nations: as a single, highly concentrated group now controls government, commerce and media, design must usher in a wave of critical thinking, dispelling our current value systems.
To get started, we need to spread the word by disseminating printed collateral and memorabilia while clearly displaying our messages in acts of civic protest. These will serve as aphoristic summaries of the ideology we have learned to assume.