In religion

In the study of both Western and Eastern theology we find a universal method of syncretic construction. The Abrahamic religions revolve around a singular deity with a morphological identity and morality. Eastern religions operate with similar metaphysics, especially on a moral level, though with greater diversity in the identification of Gods, prophets, or charismatic leaders.

In politics

Syncretism has become a standard reaction against the entrenched polarity of political ideology on a global scale, and encompasses the unique political situation experienced in the 2016 American presidential election. The idea of political syncretism, or spectral-syncretism, is to find a point of compromise between right and left value systems in order to create a third, neutral stance. Donald Trump’s displays of Populism exhibited parallels to spectral-syncretism which, combined with Hillary Clinton’s weakened foothold through the influence of a farther Left competitor Bernie Sanders, may partially explain the current leadership predicament in America’s Executive Branch. The emergence of Falangism in Spain touts the benefits of this system of value construction, but problematically establishes a Nietzschean air of resentément by using their neutrality to attack the left and right political spheres. We believe that spectral-syncretism, if employed with an intersubjective, open-source rationale capable of self-critical iterative refinement, is a key step towards a new polity which will more effectively encompass the opinions of Earths denizens.

In business

Smart technology and the IoT rely heavily on syncretic functionality. Consider the smart phone: the syncretism of phone, camera, internet access, calculator and so on seated it as the penultimate market disruptor of the 21st century. The emergence of conglomerate E-commerce and autonomous driving has presented new methods for product syncretism as well. Amazon, observed as a digital product, brings together online retail, media consumption, and web services which have ballooned its scale and profitability. Speculative systems for the age of autonomous vehicles are quickly abolishing car ownership, freeing the automobile to function pluralistically as cab, capital transporter, leisure vehicle, and so on.

In transhumanism

By definition, transhumanism is inherently syncretic; it could be worded as biotechnic syncretism. Simply put as the integration of biological human and technological device, transhumanism has quickly established itself as humanity’s primary means of accelerated evolution. Only now that the value of syncretism has fully saturated theological, political, and economic philosophies has society begun to accept the dire need of transhumanist practices for the sake of humanity’s salvation. Although designed to be addictive, smart technology has become essential to daily life because it is an immediate access point to humanity's shared knowledge. To embed the capability for that access within the human body is the penultimate form of syncretism, one which could enable us to discover a new humanism, pure telekinetic communication, and a truly effective, ubiquitous form of global fluid democracy.

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